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My Story

Hi! Welcome to my blog 🙂

I’m Archana, a mother to two little girls, a wife and occasional closet writer.

I’ve always wanted to blog but have been shy and hesitant. So, I’m taking a leap of faith and doing just that. By profession, I am a program manager and consultant. I work part time and want to nurture my creative side while taking care of my kids and managing the household.

I love food and would have loved cooking if I could only have my own sous chef in the kitchen. I make lists of lists, love superheroes, enjoy reading, poetry and am still trying to figure out eye-makeup!

I’ve been homebound for almost two decades now since I flew the roost in pursuit of higher education, a career, love and a life of my own. I’m grateful to have all of those now but have also experienced profound grief when I lost my only sibling, my hero, to an illness and my grandfather, an illustrious figure, a pillar of strength and source of unconditional love. Their impact on my life has been tremendous. I wasted too much time mourning my sister’s loss and with my grandfather’s recent passing I want to focus instead on celebrating their inspirational lives.

India, where I grew up with my sister will always be the closest to my heart and though we’ve lived in some wonderful places we are looking forward to landing somewhere we can set up roots permanently. Hopefully it is Austin!

‘Mya’ was a pseudonym both my sister and I were extremely fond of. Since her passing I’ve tried to adopt her zeal for life, her wit and her inimitable spirit. I believe she lives on in me and hence the name of this blog. Here is what you will see on this blog.

1. Musing and living mostly:

As I explore this city and figure out life as a working mom with two kids I will write about my journey past and present and whatever comes with it.

2. Something you may learn:

I will touch upon my experience with grief, loss and how to cope. My ongoing efforts to be a good parent, practice yoga, meditate, include more art in our lives, keep my plants alive and my struggles in the kitchen will perhaps teach you at the very least a thing or two about what not to do.

3. My one goal:

Most importantly I want to express myself and connect with like-minded people, which is what brings me here. And so, I will have to keep writing. I hope to provide you with an enjoyable read and perhaps learn something with me while I chronicle some of these experiences, my thoughts and the many adventures of everyday life and living!

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